Software development services

From prototype to product, we build software for drones, IoT and robotics.


We can help you make your ideas a reality. We are experts in drone software development, web server architecture, mobile applications and IoT. The more challenging the issue the more eager we are to solve it. Contact us.


Software is our main focus. We have hands on experience in many popular development tools, languages and databases used for anything connected to the internet.
We also have the skills to build hardware prototypes to bring software into the real life.


We like to design simple and intuitive user interfaces for polished and beautiful project. Interface standards are evolving as software is getting in the hands of an increasing number of people. We believe that software should be designed in the least obtrusive way possible.

Technical Skills

We have hands on experience with many popular development tools:
Drones: DJI Mobile and Onboard SDK, Mavlink (PX4, Arducopter)
Languages: JavaScript, Java, C++, Go, Python, Ruby
Databases: MongoDB, Redis, Neo4j, RabbitMQ, MySQL
Frameworks and libraries: OpenCV, WebRTC, GStreamer, WebSocket, Three.js
Platforms: Pixhawk, DJI, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Amazon AWS, Clever cloud, Linux.

At Volons we're familiar with mavlink based controllers (PX4, Arducopter) and DJI SDKs (Mobile, Onboard)

DJI Mobile SDK DJI Onboad SDK PX4 Ardupilot MavLink

We have experience using GStreamer, RTP/RTSP, HLS, and WebRTC in native and in-browser environments.


Having built several complex cross platform web applications, we are experts in web technologies with in depth knowledge of JavaScript and scalable server architecture.

Javascript HTML5 / CSS3 WebRTC WebSocket Nginx MongoDB Redis RabbitMQ

We have developed several Android and iOS applications using web and native technologies.

Android iOS Java Swift Objective C Goolde Vision OpenCV

Our experience at Volons lead us to build our custom drone and gimbal prototypes using popular prototyping platforms.

Arduino Raspberry Pi C C++ GoLang Python OpenCV

Furthermore, we have solid DevOps knowledge allowing us to deploy, monitor, debug and maintain applications in the long run.

Linux MacOS X Windows AWS Clever Clound

R&D / FabLab

To test our software in real conditions, we have built prototypes in our FabLab.
We are able to work on custom electronics and sensors to interface our software with the real world.

About us

Vincent Karoubi

Serial entrepreneur, engineer. Previously: CTO with over 10 years of experience building and growing startups.

I like to design products that are as simple as possible without sacrificing features. I'm a consultant and technical advisor for IoT projects and cofounder at Volons SAS.

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Arthur Kubenka

Software engineer expert in IoT and web technologies. Previously lead developer at Fantouch and Streamnation.

I like technical challenges. I try to keep up to date at all time by learning and improving my skills in all programming fields from embedded software to distributed architectures.

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Use the contact form to drop us a message. Do you have an idea you want to make a reality? Do you need advice on technical issues ? Do you need IoT, mobile and web applications experts ? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Paris, France.

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