Drone software solutions for enterprises and organizations

Customized cloud-based ground control station software for your drone fleet

Manage a drone fleet from your office

The cost effectiveness and versatility of drones has been proven many times, replacing costly helicopter operations in various situations. Volons brings your drone fleets to the next level by connecting it to the internet with secure real time control and feedback.


Enables a private and secure connection to your drone

- Private peer to peer connexion between remote user and drone
- Strong authentication for remote user
- Encrypted data channel and video feed over SSL
- Private location
- Dedicated, secure and high availability server

Media management

Save on media exploitation time with direct cloud uploads and processing

- Remotely take pictures
- Start / stop video recording
- Manage / organize media
- Share and work together
- Connect Dropbox, and other cloud solutions


Advanced drone fleet and user management features

- 3D mission planning and editing
- Advanced geo-fencing (Free 3D shape)
- Authentication and user permissions

Use cases

Drones are useful in many situations. With Volons


Save your time and travel expenses. The experts can stay at the office and inspect multiple locations in a single day. Our geo-fencing technology and intuitive editor allow to set up a safe flight environment in no time. Your experts can then take the exact shots required for inspection, no piloting skills needed.

Features: Private location Strong authentication 4K Pictures Dedicated DJI Mobile application


Call one of the thousands of professional DJI drone operators around the world to be your eyes in the sky in real time. Take the shots you need yourself. Imagine all the time you can gain, you could check out dozens of locations in a single day. To save on travel expenses pick a drone operator that lives nearby.

Features: Private location SSL VPN

Safety / Rescue

Deploy an aerial safety and rescue operation with full control and supervision capabilities from the command center. Take pictures, analyse frames, coordinate search efforts for maximal speed and efficiency.

Features: Private location SSL VPN

Real Estate

Let your customers visit your estate in real-time from anywhere around the world. Show a spectacular point of view from the sky. Build trust by being transparent, let the customers check out what is important to them.

Features: Private location SSL VPN


The possibilities are endless, here are a few examples: Exposing at a show, something that you can not take with you ? Let interested visitors take a look at your work remotely.
Organizing a race? Transmit drone footage in real time to the public at the stat/end location.
Inogurating two location simulatneously ? Show the other location to your visitors.

Features: Private location SSL VPN

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