How it works

With Volons for DJI you will be able to share the live video feed and the controls of your flight safely. Follow these few steps to get started.

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Download the app and connect it to your drone

Download Volons for DJI on the Play Store. Connect your Android device to your remote control with a USB Cable. Launch Volons for DJI.

Set up fence

To ensure a safe experience you need to set up a virtual fence to limit the remote pilot’s movements in the air. Configuring the fence is very easy: first draw the limits of your flight area on the map, then set the maximum and minimum altitudes. The remote pilot will not be able to cross these limits.

Share your flight

Volons for DJI generates a link for your flight. Send this link to your contacts by email or your favourite messaging app. When your contact opens the link you'll see their name pop up in your app.

Live Video and Controls

Pick a user to share the live video feed of your aircraft and give them control. You can choose to enable/disable remote control for the user at any time. Invited users can fly your drone from where they are, as far as the internet goes. They control the drone in a very simple way, with safe, slow movements. At any time during the flight you can take back control and stop sharing the video.

Mobile Application

The drone owner needs the Volons for DJI app. It enables the owner to configure the flight zone, generate the sharing link and manage remote pilots.

Drone owner requirements:
- A supported DJI Drone and remote controller
- An Android Smartphone or tablet
- An internet connection (4G or Wifi with at least 700Kb/s and recommended 3Mb/s upload bandwidth)

Web Application

Our web application enables remote pilots to see a live video feed and take control with Chrome or Firefox.

Remote pilot requirements:
- A Computer with Chrome or Firefox
- A Keyboard or Joystick
- An internet connection (with at least 700Kb/s and recommended 3Mb/s download bandwidth)

Supported aircrafts

Volons for DJI is built to support DJI aircrafts. If you are using drones from another manufacturer, feel free to contact us to see if we can build an app for your needs.

Volons for DJI supports DJI Spark and Mavic Pro
Volons for DJI supports DJI Phantom 3, DJI Phantom 4
Volons for DJI supports DJI Inspire series
Volons for DJI supports DJI Matrice series
Volons for DJI supports DJI M200 series


The application is currently in beta. You can help us improve the experience of sharing flights with professionals or friends. Please send us feedback with the contact form.


Yes, it is. When your friends connect, you are only sharing video by default. You chose when to give or not give control of your aircraft to the connected user.
Yes, you can. You just have to pay attention to the time difference. Volons for DJI is a Live application, your customer should be awake when you plan the demo.
We advise drone owners to do a test flight before using Volons for DJI. To do that, use your drone with your favorite app as usual. Fly above the highest tree or building of the zone and remember the altitude. For safety reasons, add 3 or 4 meters to this altitude and set it up as the minimal altitude in Volons for DJI.
If a remote user is controlling the drone it stops moving and the drone owner can take back control and bring it home safely. The remote user is notified of the issue.
The Return Home altitude is set at the same time as the minimal altitude. There is no setting for that. To build the simplest application possible, Volons for DJI sets the Return Home altitude to the minimal altitude plus 5 meters.
When returning home the drone climbs to the Return Home altitude, flies at this altitude to its takeoff coordinates and lands. A Return Home can be triggered manually in the app or automatically for safety reason when the connection between the remote control and the drone is lost.
Yes you can, as long as you respect the laws of the country where you use it and have an internet connection.
Yes, but not with a smartphone or tablet application. We do Volons for Professionals: contact us.

Join the community!

This is where Volons' community talks about drone software. You will find support of our products and software. Can't find your answer ? Ask the community and Volons' support team and developers.


Use the contact form to drop us a message. Give us feedback to improve our service and make a better app. Please tell us how it works for you and your drone / device (don't forget to specify drone name, device model, android version ...). We'll fix issues as soon as possible.

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