Control drones from the cloud
Real time video streaming and telemetry

Volons: Cloud-based software for your drones
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Volons provides a cloud-based Ground Station software. It enables live video feedback and telemetry of drones from a distance. Connect your drone fleet to Volons and manage operation and data from your office or security center.

Drones are used in many domains like Industry, Safety, Security, Supervision, Inspection or Agriculture. Transform your experts into drone pilots by using a cloud solution.

With Volons for enterprises, remove the complexity of flying. Remove the delay in exploiting video and capturing photo during flight. Get your data in real time from a distance.


Ask your pilots to use Volons and increase your productivity through the safe, reliable, repeatable and secure use of drones. Volons for DJI allows pilots to share their flight with remote users.

Using Volons for DJI is the simplest way to discover the potential of Volons' cloud-based software solution. We chose to build a mobile application for DJI Drones to show you how it works.

Free features:
- Simple and secure setup
- Private real time low latency video stream
- Telemetry and control


At Volons we think that software will bring the drone industry to the next level. We are experts in IoT, embedded software, mobile applications and cloud-based software development.

Beyond software, our team can develop specific and custom solutions matching your needs. We can also connect Volons to your infrastructure, supervisor, or third-party services like photogrammetry, data analysis or cloud storage...

For your drone or robotics software project, we can develop from scratch. From prototype to product, we deliver fully tested software and its support.

Volons for enterprises and organizations

With Volons for Enterprises enjoy a fully hosted and managed cloud control station for your drones.
Administration features include: authentication and user permissions, advanced mission control and planning
Drone fleet management features include: cloud data management and storage and third-party services integration.

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Download Volons for DJI

With Volons for DJI you will be able to share the live video feed, telemetry and controls of your flight.

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Try the free Volons App

Volons for DJI is free for anyone who want to test our solution.
- Simple and secure setup
- Private video stream
- Telemetry and control
- Low latency HD Video feed

Download Volons for DJI

Premium features

Example of premium features for enterprises and organizations:
- Private location
- Secure server, and authentication
- 4K Photo capture and library for the remote pilot
- HD Video recording for the remote pilot
- and much more

Volons for Enterprises

Development studio

From prototype to product, Volons develops software for drones, IoT, and robotics.
At Volons we build software, from prototype to product using:

DJI Mobile SDK DJI Onboard SDK Mavlink / Pixhawk WebRTC OpenCV

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Use the contact form to drop us a message. We will then contact you to schedule a demo depending on weather conditions. Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback about our software, applications or services. We can meet or skype to talk about software for drones and IoT.

We are using a DJI drone with Volons for DJI mobile application. If you have a DJI drone, you can try it out yourself by downloading the app.

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